Onomy has Liftoff!

Onomy has launched it’s Mainnet. Many validators are coming online as we write this, including ours.

There will be a $NOM Bonding Curve launch party on Tuesday, December 6th at 3pm UTC in the Onomy Discord.

Onomy Cleared For Launch

The Onomy Team has declared the testnet a success. See Article
Since the start of the Testnet, there has been over 800K transactions and more than 40K unique $NOM addresses recorded. Soon the Onomy team will announce the mainnet Launch date.

Onomy Public Testnet Starting Oct 10th

Onomy Testnet will open to the public on October 10th. A big and exciting next step for the Onomy network. Our Validator is already Online and running. We are looking forward to see the network grow.


We have begun discussions with the team at Iagon. Iagon is creating a decentralised storage chain providing a new generation of encrypted cloud storage. We are excited about working with and becoming a resource partner for the Iagon network.

Learn more about Iagon

Onomy Test Network

Onomy Test Network #2 Coming Soon

We have been following the progress of the Onomy Protocol closely. Although up for a short time, we have contributed to the successful first Test Net and are geared up and ready to run a Validator for the 2nd Onomy Test Net.


Onomy Holdings is dedicated to using our extensive technical experience to contribute to the security and growth of Proof of Stake networks. Our team has decades of experience in the business, financial, and system administration fields. By staking our own funds, we are incentivized in keeping our validators running 24/7. In doing so, all of our delegators benefit right along with us.